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    Psychology Supports  

     60-minute  sessions $180
 therapy days are Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. 
    (NDIS rates are $214.41 per hour)

Hello. Yay, you're here.


Thank you for your time, energy, commitment, resilience, and interest in finding your way to this page. 

I would love to speak with you.

Feel free to be in touch via the contact form or via phone (0426 224 194), if you would like to get a better idea of what it may be like to work together. I am happy to speak with you on the phone prior to an initial session (no charge). Alternatively, you can also email me directly at

Yes! Havening sessions are also available if this is your preferred modality and are usually 1.5 hour sessions ($160-$180). Please note that this service is provided separately to psychology. Further information can be observed at or via contact with myself directly. 

New opportunity 

I have recently begun providing a new kind of service that may be helpful to people who are interested in exploring psychological and spiritual aspects of transformation in a less direct 1:1 manner. The service is a 2-3 hour session held with a small group of people that is designed to answer questions relating to a forward momentum release of trauma. Relevant psychological and spiritual approaches and perspectives can be shared in a spontaneous and conversational manner as they relate to the group members. Where  relevant, experiential exercises or demonstrations can also be provided to further consolidate understanding and the likelihood of implementation upon leaving the session.


This is ideal for a small organisational group or a group of friends who are interested in psychology and spirituality and would enjoy learning together in this way. The cost of the session is also shared and therefore, may be more financially accessible. 

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology); Bachelor of Psychology (Honours); Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)​.

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