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The art of feeling
 group sessions
(6 person/120 mins over 8 weeks)
$60 per session

I have come to see that community and learning/sharing with likeminded people, is vitally important in us knowing that we belong, are loved for who we truly are, and that we are safe to experience and express all aspects of ourselves - light and dark. In working together, we heal ourselves and each other. In having traversed my own emotional landscape, and studied psychology since my teens, I have learnt that we cannot express all of our potential without facing these less comfortable parts of ourselves head (and heart) on. 

When I see someone who is brave enough to face their fears and be seen, I feel impassioned to stand in their corner. I see strength. I see truth. I see the potential of all that they are, rising to be expressed. Feeling our feelings is the first part - learning what to do with them so that they don't take us under, is the second. Once we have skills in both of these areas, we are free to consciously create ourselves and our world. These three steps are what the Art of Feelings is about. 


 When we have the courage to feel deeply and skilfully release unhelpful patterns, we also unlock the potential to create beautiful and LASTING changes. No quick fixes. No shifting from one addiction to the next. This is where the real change happens. The beauty of The Art of Feelings is that we do it together.  


If this feels resonant for you, I would love to hear from you. 

Either by email, by phone 0426 224 194,

or via the contact form below. 

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