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The art of feeling
 group sessions
(6 person/120 mins over 8 weeks)
$60 per session

I have come to see that community and learning/sharing with likeminded people, is vitally important in us knowing that we belong, are loved for who we truly are, and that we are safe to experience and express all aspects of ourselves - light and dark. In working together, we heal ourselves and each other. To fully embody and express all of our potential, it is also imperative that we embrace and make peace with the less comfortable parts of ourselves head (and heart) on. 


When we have the courage to feel deeply and skilfully release unhelpful patterns, we also unlock the potential to create beautiful and LASTING changes. No quick fixes. No shifting from one addiction to the next. This is where the real change happens. The beauty of The Art of Feelings is that we do it together.  

The current theme for the Art of Feeling is that of being whole and complete right here, right now. We seem to be bombarded with constant "not enough" messages, whether it be to do with money, health, knowledge, expansion, time... and the list goes one. It's time for us to face this deception with the truth of who we are. We are enough, have always been enough, and will always be enough. The activities and processes that we engage in the coming programme will be focused on enhancing the vitality of this belief across all aspects of our Being. 

For further information:

0426 224 194

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