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About you

You are highly intelligent, (even more than you realise), and know that when you are at your best, you are extremely capable. You are keenly aware of your inner world and the areas of your life that seem to keep you stuck. You do your best to make it work, though it often feels that you are alone in your challenges. 

You have come a long way in yourself but still feel weighed down in certain areas and are not exactly sure how to let it go and move on. You may even have a couple of things you feel others would disapprove of if they knew, and figure it is easier just to keep working at it yourself without the pressure of external opinions.


You have hesitated in seeking help from others as you have doubted that anyone else will know better than you what you need or how to bring out the best in yourself.


I agree with you 100%.  


No-one else knows better than you do, what you need or what will help bring balance to your life in the ways that matter to you. My work is not to tell you what to do, but rather, help bring solutions to the surface that may have remained hidden up until now. Everyone is different and the processes that we will use are gentle and subtle, yet powerful and lasting.


If you feel inspired in my direction, I would love to speak with you. 


I only see a limited number of clients each week and it important to me that you know you are not one of many, but one of the few, when you work with me.  


I am invested in you. I want to know your story. Only you can tell it.


Only you can write it. 



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