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Hello Beautiful People. Welcome to 2022. I must say, this last year has felt like a very interesting one indeed! Just as we started to get the hang of where to set our sails, the winds would change and we would found ourselves needing to readjust, adapt, and roll with the moments yet again. On one hand it took my breath away in awe at the wonder of creation, and on the other, it knocked the wind right out of me. At times I felt I was holding onto the side of my boat with rain pouring down and the sails flapping madly as if they were going to be ripped off entirely, while at others, I felt safely and calmly protected in the eye of the storm knowing that no danger could reach me. As we begin a new chapter of 2022, I am feeling impassioned to provide support in a way that inspires individuals to remain focused on the stillness that is always available to us if we choose to focus in on it. This is not about hiding our heads in the sand, but rather, about facing our fears head on. In looking directly at what scares us, it loses its power. In focusing on the truth of each moment, we can see clearly, think powerfully, and create change in our physical world that is sustainable and lasting. We can live dynamic and action-oriented lives but from a place of stillness and power. I look forward to walking alongside you. Everything is always so much better when we do it together.

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