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A Comeback in the making.

I read a quote somewhere recently that really spoke to me. I can't actually remember where I saw it, but what it said was, "A setback is a comeback in the making." When I read it, I felt a surge of power course through my veins. "Yes, I thought. This is who I am." It feels as though the past couple of years have been setback after setback after setback. This has been particularly felt with the introduction of the virus and all the uncertainty that has landed with this. Just as we rise to meet one challenge, another challenge seems to be waiting right behind it. While I have personally experienced this most of my life, it does feel as though it has become much faster and more frequent in recent months. At first, I found myself thinking, "What's going on here? Am I completely off track? Why am I getting knocked from so many different angles. What am I doing wrong?" Then as time unfolded, I realised, "Oh.. I actually think that these setbacks are a sign that I am totally on track. I know how to roll with these and I can handle it. Every polarisation of dark takes me to a new expansion of light." I now know that this is the truth. I shared these two graphs below at a recent Art of Feelings session that I held (see the Art of Feelings page if you feel curious as to what I mean by this). And thank you to Vishen Lakhiani and his book, 'The Code of the Extraordinary Mind' for the graph images.

The first graph reflects what I feel many of us have been taught to believe. That minimal disruption or discomfort indicates that you are a success. The less you feel, the more "stable" and "on track" you are. However, as can be seen, this leads to a very mediocre existence. Yes, you're doing everything that you "should," but there is not a lot of excitement and adventure. Where is the wonderment? (One of my new favourite words). It's not much of a life crescendo if you ask me!

While slow and steady growth most certainly has it's place, it is not a permanent way of life for those who want to move to the very depths and corners of who they are in the universe.

In my own experience, I have found that the most fulfilment and passion in life arises from taking certain risks of the heart and being brave. Choosing to do things differently and express yourself openly. Yes, it leads to some very dark moments, however, it also leads to so much life and vibrancy! The second graph below is in my opinion, a more accurate reflection of a deeply fulfilling and colourful life. And, as you can see, it really is an ongoing rhythm of setback and comeback, setback and comeback, setback and comeback.

If you are reading this right now and feeling like your life is more reflective of the graph below, this is what I have to say: "Yes! I see you! I am right with you. Keep going. I believe in you and admire your courage. I am right here doing the same. We are in this together." Life - a full life - is only for the bravest. As Virgil noted, "Fortune favours the brave." Keep going my Friend. I see your courage, I see your strength, and it is awe-inspiring."

Oh, what a human you have become.

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